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A positive customer experience is our end game. We aim to please and add a complete transparency to your investment.

Unlimited Purposes

Give your audience what they want, MORE CONTENT! This can mean a lot of things, but one thing is for certain, if someone subscribes to your app they want what you’ve got!

Continued Updates

As capabilities rapidly increase, so do the capabilities of your investment. Stay ahead of your competition with our continued focus on the future of your app.

IOS & Android Ready

Market your investment as “Available in Apple and Google Play app stores.”

Your Business Your Content

Every day a new app is built and published to create a modern viewing and consumer experience.  Decisions are being made and money is being spent with the use of today’s technological advancements of smartphones and applications.  Marketing has evolved from print and television commercials, to influencing consumers with all types of media found on these devices.  Has your marketing evolved?


Why Choose Us

The Advantage To Having YOUR Own App

LiveFire Media Group was founded upon the premise that anyone creating valuable content deserves to control it. We are facilitating a network of subscribing viewers and developing an audience through various modes of viewing formats. Creating a central focal point for viewers to easily access content creates marketing and monetary advantages that are virtually limitless.

Live Broadcasting Capabilities

With the average attention span of a television audience becoming shorter by the day, LiveFire Media Group has created the vehicle that will capture and retain this audience. Live capabilities on each app allow multiple LIVE broadcasts at once and when combined with custom notifications your subscribers won’t be able to put down their devices.

Advanced Content Management System "CMS"

Every LiveFire Media Group package includes access to a private content management system that features a number of unique tools to manage LIVE or recorded high quality video content, custom push notifications, scrolling banners, and more. Strategic content management and marketing within this CMS creates limitless possibilities of growing your audience and/or business, or both.

Active Marketing Levers

Whether your content is centrally focused on one facet of business or many, having the ability to strategically position your content, products, or services should be your focus. With all LiveFire Media Group apps we have created the ability to customize and position all of your content. Interactive scrolling banners are able to be directly linked to a store front, landing page, or particular web destination. Flash sales, new products, or new content can be pushed out to subscribers as easily as a text from the admin app. Analytical data of subscribers info can be immediately obtained for mass marketing and further interaction with your audience. We have created the easiest platform to reach a target customer.

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